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4 Ways to Get Out of the Work From Home Rut

Raise your hand if you lived in loungewear during quarantine! If you’ve been stuck in a rut at all since being quarantined & working from home, this post is for you! Keep reading for tips!

Now, while I did overly embrace the #WFH life by staying indoors for weeks at a time, I’m proud of myself for consistently getting dressed for work for the first few months - even if that meant comfy girlfriend jeans & a t-shirt. Lately, I have definitely been guilty of working all day in my pajamas. (Hey! I like to be comfortable!) But in the beginning, I made a concerted effort to wear casual work attire even though I was working from home.

Another common complaint I have heard about working from home is that the hours are longer. I remember being childishly excited about the opportunity to work remotely in the beginning because it meant that nobody was watching me work and I could do what I wanted. What I didn't realize is that without setting clear boundaries between home life and work, it's very easy for work to take over. That childish feeling has mostly faded now although I will say that I do enjoy the ability to take Skype meetings from anywhere (I've participated in quite a few meetings from the grocery store).

If you’ve noticed yourself getting stuck in a rut, here are a few tips:

  1. Get dressed! - Instead of rolling out of bed & turning your laptop on, wake up a little earlier and follow a morning routine. Put make-up on. If you used to listen to music or podcasts on your commute, listen to them when you get ready in the morning!

  2. When it’s time for break, BREAK! - Leave the house during your lunch break. If you don’t want to order lunch, take your lunch outside or to another room in your house for a change of scenery. If you do want to order, try new local restaurants! Sit outside, if the weather permits.

  3. Go on weekend adventures! - This pandemic has made me more of an outdoorsy person. Every weekend now, Dezzy and I are finding new walking trails in our area, if the weather permits. If it's too chilly outside, go for a drive in a scenic area and have a picnic in the car.

  1. Form a co-working pod! - Pods aren’t just for homeschooling! If you’re “stuck” at home until 2021, form a pod with your friends & neighbors who are also working from home. Figure out social distancing & sanitization rules that work for everyone. Maybe get together 1-2 days per week just to change things up a bit.

Do you feel stuck in a work from home rut? What have you been doing to help yourself feel better?

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16 gen 2021

I do feel stuck and find that I don’t get dressed as often anymore or go on adventures. I’m going to try to change that in the new year.

Mi piace

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