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A Little About Alicia

Alicia is a wife, mother to one boy, sister to five siblings, and now - a blogger! 

Born in Brooklyn, Alicia moved around quite a bit during her childhood but spent most of her formative years in Maryland. She met her [future] husband in 12th grade and they moved to New York after graduation, attending different colleges. Alicia moved back to Maryland after college for graduate school. She and her husband married in 2014 and gave birth to their son, Desmond, in December 2016.

To know Alicia is to know her appreciation for therapy. She started her therapy journey unsuccessfully in graduate school and found another therapist in 2017 who unfortunately set her back for 2 years.  Finally, in March 2020 (right as the "shelter in place" orders were going into effect) she found a therapist who has helped her unpack years of emotional trauma in a matter of months.

Alicia was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and social anxiety disorders in 2013. She candidly shares her mental journey through her content.

Alicia is on a mission to be unfiltered and transparent with you (her audience) to remind you that we all experience the same struggles and to encourage you to live your life to the fullest & to be unashamed.

She started The Restart-Up Life LLC, a career coaching business, in 2019 to assist college-educated professionals with making career transitions. She is passionate about teaching others to avoid the pitfalls that she experienced in 2017 as an unemployed wife & mother, eager to find a job but unsure of the best practices for job applications.

3 Random Facts about Alicia:

  1. She was reading newspapers by the age of 4.

  2. She has never been to the West coast.

  3. Her pet peeve is when people ask questions before trying to find the answer.

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